sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2008

SITES INTERNACIONAIS DE INTERESSE: - Internationally recognized for her pioneering research in forests canopy ecology, Dr. Meg Lowman has explored all three major rain forests of the world - Africa, Australia/Asia, and the Neotropics (including the Amazon). She is the author of over 95 peer-reviewed publications and four books. Her upcoming new book is the definitive textbook in the field, entitled Forest Canopies. And her recent autobiography, Life in the Treetops, received a cover review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review and many literary awards. With humor as well as scientific accuracy, Dr. Lowman describes her adventures studying rain forest canopies, while juggling family and career, in some of the most remote jungles of the world.Dr. Lowman has conducted global conservation work in Africa, Samoa, the Amazon basin, and Australia. Her education outreach has included distance learning via satellite to millions of kids worldwide, was broadcast from Belize, Panama, and Peru. Canopymeg is a scientific expert on herbivory, the activity of insects eating plants. This interaction is important to the health of all forests. In her website, Dr. Lowman tours some of her research sites in jungles and tree canopies, and posts information on her latest explorations, lectures, walkway construction projects, and publications as a woman in science. Trees rule!
TREE - The TREE Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to tree research, exploration and education. Mission: "TREE Foundation pursues and promotes research, education, and exploration to advance the conservation of our planet's botanical resources and ecosystems dependent upon them."
Out on a Limb - Forest Canopies - The web site for the traveling exhibit — sponsored by the National Science Foundation, New College of Florida, and TREE Foundation — that will educate students, families, residents, and visitors of southwest Florida about forest canopies and their importance to our daily lives. The exhibit will focus on the biodiversity found in forest canopies, links between the canopy and forest floor, and illustrate the challenges of canopy access by scientists. - A site dedicated to everything about climbing trees around the globe.
Canopy Construction Associates - Staffed by scientists and construction experts, CCA provides canopy access and consultation with regard to site, selection of access options, and costs. Whether you are interested in an extensive system of walkways, or a modest observation platform, we can design and build an access system to suit your needs. During the last decade, CCA has consulted, surveyed, designed and built many canopy access facilities around the world - both in the tropics and the temperate climes.

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