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Stemming back to 1976, the European Tree Climbing Championship sees men and women flexing their hands and feet to prove who has the swiftest, lightest touch when it comes to arbor ascension.

Pruhonice Park, south of Czech capital Prague, will be hosting the event June 12-13, and Europe's best climbers are then invited to the International Championships - the World Cup of tree climbing - in Illinois six weeks later.

Contestants are usually professional tree-climbers of one sort or another, working in forestry or land management, and employ industry standard equipment according to competition rules.

The Speed Climb and Secured Footlock (a rope-assisted vertical sprint) see nimble participants scramble up tree trunks in the fastest possible time.

Speaking to Relaxnews, Sonia Garth of the International Society of Arboriculture explained that though speed is certainly a valuable skill, there is also considerable emphasis placed on technique when it comes to successful tree surgery.

Consequently, agility of mind comes forth in Aerial Rescue, Work Climb, and Throwline, where points are awarded for technique as well as timeliness.

The Aerial Rescue involves the safe retrieval of a person stuck in a tree; the task-oriented Work Climb awards creativity, style and poise with bonus points; the Throwline is based on successfully lassoing difficult targets on one or more trees.

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New Zealand-based experts James Kilpatrick and Scott Forrest are also in charge of the Masters Challenge, giving top tree jockeys an all-round encounter against which to test themselves - and each other - at the highest level.

Spectators will be made most welcome at both the ETCC and ITCC at no extra charge, as participants show off their monkey magic and demonstrate what a difference they can make when it comes to living well on a wooded planet.

Useful links:
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