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Coconut-tree-climbing machine developed

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Stainless steel machine consists of two parts

Reaching new heights: A coconut-climbing machine developed by Kerala Agricultural University. Photo By Special Arrangement

Thrissur: The Agricultural Research Station under Kerala Agricultural University has developed a coconut climbing machine.

The device ‘Kera Suraksha Coconut Climbing Machine' will make coconut climbing an easy task, says U. Jaikumaran, head of the research centre. The machine, made of stainless steel, consists of two parts, a seat unit and a pedal unit. It is fitted to the tree with the seat unit above the pedal unit. By standing on the pedal unit, the seat unit can be slid up or down.

90 seconds to climb

Mr. Jaikumaran claims that a trained person will take only 90 seconds to climb a coconut tree of 12 m height. “He can climb up or down the tree by operating the seat and pedal units alternatively. A lynch pin harnessing method is adopted for developing the device. This enables easy assembling and dismantling,” he said. The complete set includes a coat and safety belts for the climbers apart from a face shield and hand gloves. The cost of the device is Rs.7,000. The research centre will provide one-week training programme on tree climbing, cleaning of crowns and cross pollination techniques. The first training programme will be held in February.

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