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Counterfeit Petzl products are not a new phenomenon.
Over the years, Petzl has discovered counterfeits or copies of several of its products:
- counterfeit headlamps with the Petzl logo, including headlamps from the TIKKA and MYO lines
- counterfeit copies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) without the Petzl logo, such as ASCENSION handled ascenders, the ASAP, etc.

February 2011: This is the first time Petzl discovered identical-looking counterfeit PPE products with the Petzl logo.

The four products we found do not meet our safety requirements and are potentially dangerous.

Attention :

An end-user will not be able to tell the difference between these counterfeits and authentic Petzl products (see below for more information)
They have serious quality, performance and safety problems.
For these reasons, Petzl decided to alert its end-users and begin legal action against the counterfeiters.

Petzl is fighting against counterfeiting
Over the past several years, Petzl has been fighting to stop the counterfeiting of our products. Our concern is for the safety and satisfaction of our end-users. These actions have enabled us to stop the illegal manufacture of our products.

How do I make sure that I am purchasing an authentic Petzl product?
To ensure that you have purchased authentic Petzl products, be sure to shop at an authorized Petzl dealer (link). If you are in doubt, contact the distributor in your country. You can find their contact information with the Petzl dealer locator.

FONTE: http://www.petzl.com

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