quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010


Tim "Tengu" Kovar first started climbing trees in the late 1970s in a small Nebraska town. The treetops were a place to escape from the world below and the competition that comes with being a young boy. To this day Tim likes to disappear into the treetops. In the early 1990s Tim moved from Nebraska to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was training at a local Ninjutsu dojo when he first met Peter "Treeman" Jenkins, founder of Tree Climbers International. A bond was created. Tim started working with Peter as an arborist for Peter's local tree care company. It wasn't until after 6 months of doing tree work that Tim became aware of Peter's recreational tree climbing school. "I asked Peter why it took him so long to inform me about his school," said Kovar. "He told me he knew I would switch gears and go into the recreational field. Peter said he wanted to give me some hardcore training as a professional tree worker first, so I could develop my climbing skills to teach others. He was right. As soon as I saw how tree climbing touches everyone's heart, I knew this was part of my vision." Since 1993 Tim has helped over 5,000 people worldwide to climb into the forest canopy and intensify their personal connection to the natural world. He has climbed and taught in eight countries, working with canopy researchers, people with disabilities, eco-tours, and international tree climbing schools. He has also led international tree climbing expeditions. As a Master Instructor with Tree Climbers International, Tim helped design and fine-tune the tree climbing courses that are being taught worldwide. Tim is currently living in Oregon and working with New Tribe, teaching basic and advanced tree climbing courses and leading guided trips into some of the world's tallest trees.



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