segunda-feira, 12 de abril de 2010

Jharkhand cops to learn tree climbing

RANCHI: Jharkhand Government is planning to train its police officers in climbing trees with weapons to counter Maoists in jungles, an official said Sunday.

“The cops can answer to Maoist ambush if they are trained to climb trees with their weapons and retaliate,” a senior police official said.

Crash course

On Saturday, a crash course on firing AK-47 rifles and pistols was conducted for officers in-charge of 124 police stations situated in Maoist-infested areas.

“We were shocked to find a majority of them failed to shoot the target,” said a police official.

“We have issued directions to superintendents of police (SP) of all districts to arrange such firing courses,” Jharkhand Director General of Police Neyaz Ahmad said.


FONTE: Online edition of India's National Newspaper Monday, Apr 12, 2010

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