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Woman climbs tree for safety after getting lost in Liberty Lake Regional Park

by KREM.com Posted on April 19, 2010 at 4:32 PM Updated yesterday at 5:40 PM

LIBERTY LAKE, WA-- A tree top rescue overnight ended the search for a lost Spokane Community College Student.
She went missing in Liberty Lake Regional Park. When rescuers found Aleisha Pugh she was 50 feet up in a tree. Pugh says she climbed the tree because she was afraid of what could be waiting below.
She says she climbed high because she kept hearing noises and she was scared. The higher she went the better she felt.
Around 5:30 pm Sunday, the 20-year-old went for a short hike. She says she got lost off the trail. She tried to find another trail but couldn’t.
Pugh started to lose daylight and hope of getting out on her own. She says she saw a man and asked him for help but he hid from her. She got scared and ran away. That’s when she climbed the tree.
Around 8:00 pm, Pugh used her cell phone to call her brother for help but then her phone died.
Late into the night, she saw lights in the distance about 6 football fields away. A search and rescue crew had arrived. They screamed her name and she screamed back.
At midnight, the rescuers found her. They asked her to climb down and minutes later she was on the ground with only a few scratches. She says she won’t be going hiking again anytime soon.

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