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Dave's World of Wonder: Coconut Tree Climbing

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In this episode of World of Wonder, Dave Scott takes a look at a profession that you truly have to climb your way to the top.

In Cheni, India many of the natives work as coconut tree climbers. At this specific village, Manuvel has been a professional coconut tree climber for 62 years and in his farm there is plenty of work. It doesn't pay well, but it keeps you in shape.

Manuel explains that there is no future in this profession, but as long as he lives, he will pluck coconuts, saying "this is my career and my life and then my life ends".

While Manuvel uses a rope around his feet for traction, some other climbers use a rope around their waist, like a harness. The rope makes its a little safer, but takes longer to climb the tree. Some climbers seem to just walk up the palm trees without any help, climbing as high as 70 feet.

Once the coconut picking begins, the coconuts are simply tossed down to a man with a burlap bag who keeps them from hitting the ground and cracking.

With the advancement of technology, the sky is not the limit for coconut climbers. Schools are becoming more important to younger generations, teaching them the art of climbing and picking coconuts as well as the dangers that can happen.

Once the coconuts are picked they sell them to the local market, and as long as there is a demand, coconut climbers like Manuvel, will always try to stay on top of their game in this amazing world of wonder.
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NOTA DO BLOG: É interessante conhecer essas experiências nos diferentes povos e o mais impressionante é que mesmo estando em continentes separados tanto indianos como muitas comunidades tradicionais brasileiras da floresta (índios, caboclos e quilombolas)utilizam a mesma técnica (peconha) para escalada de palmeiras. A peconha inclusive já foi tema postado neste blog! Muito legal!!! Abraços a todos, espero que tenham gostado dessa matéria! Boas escaladas!

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