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Tree Climbing in Japan

By Katie Vyn, eHow Contributor
updated: September 27, 2010

Tree climbing in Japan is not only a fun activity but is used for research, recreation and rehabilitation. Created to assist physically challenged people conquer depression and pain and increase mobility, Tree Climbing Japan uses special techniques and equipment to make dreams come true.
1. Tree Climbing Japan was founded in 1997 by John Gathright when a severely disabled 57-year-old woman, Hikosaka Toshiko, wanted to climb the tallest tree in the world. With the help of John Gathright and many others Hikosaka climbed the Stagg Tree in California and slept that night in the tree, 262 feet above ground.
2. With offices located in Saitama and Seto, Japan, Tree Climbing Japan is a nationwide organization that has inspired people all over the world to climb trees, no matter their physical limitations.
Tree Climbing Equipment
3. John Gathright's company develops tree-climbing gear to meet the needs of disabled and challenged tree climbers, collaborating with companies like Arbor Quest Limited and New Tribe who made the torso unit to help paraplegics climb trees.

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